An Apcom Company, Dax Networks Limited, was born in 1986.  However, its involvement with the IT industry, through its exIBM management team, goes as far back as 1971.  After the 1978 closure of IBM's India operations, the group was involved in IT Consultancy and Turnkey Projects before commencing IT manufacturing operations in 1986 when Dax pioneered the use of cartridge tape drives in India and for years were known as the “Backup People”.

In 1988, Dax saw a major growth opportunity to 'connect India' and diversified into Networking.  By end-1990, Dax was clearly a leading LAN-products supplier and a 'LAN-Expert'. By 1992, Dax LAN products viz. NICs and Hubs had become de-facto standards in India.

Thereafter, Dax consistently added new networking product lines; and currently is India-engineering its products from leading technology manufacturing companies.

In 1999, Dax launched SOHOHO (SOHO + Home) Internet related products; initially Modems followed by other Networking and Internet products. Today, Dax is an ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 Certified Services Company offering the latest Enterprise Routers & Switches, Structured Cabling, Wireless, LAN Extenders, Interface Converters & Modems, NAS & IP Surveillance and many new networking technologies. Key differentiators are the ability to certify and support a complete layer-3 structured Switching & Routing network which can interoperate and comply with core enterprise systems in any LAN/MAN/WAN Network.

Dax continues to be one of the most respected OEM 'networking-infrastructure' vendors in India. Dax technology network is extensively utilized by all networking OEMs, VARs, distributors, dealers and solution providers. Over 70% of Dax professionals and managers are technically qualified.   And, most have been with Dax for over a decade.

Today, Dax is India's foremost value added services & solution provider of networking products. All Dax products are positioned and work in synergy with Cisco, Juniper & HP.  Customers highly value Dax '1-payment guarantees 3-years performance' maxim and 'Specify Dax' as their preferred Networking product choice. And, the 25 years expertise in Networking helps support that.

Dax has a complete geographic coverage of the Indian market.  Headquartered in Chennai (formerly Madras) in South India, Dax has Marketing Offices in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kochi, Kolkata, Mumbai & New Delhi. In addition to the Head-Office based Technical Support Teams, the Dax Networking Competence Center and the Dax Service Center, Dax has Technical Support Executives based at 15 Partner Locations & at 8 regional office locations. A “Real Time Back Office”, which supports Dax Toll-free 1-800-4255-Dax Technical Help Desk and a world class Customer Relationship Management system, further enhance support levels to Dax customers. Live Chat - sales option on our website offers significantly high level of support and improved online experience to our visitors. This not only gives us further visibility in to the customer but also helps us enhance our service levels as well.

Today, Dax offers the 'widest range of LAN/MAN/WAN Networking products' and is:
1. The #1 Indian Networking Brand for 5 consecutive years; (IT Nation).
2. Dax among the Top Routing players  (with Cisco, Juniper Huawei & Ericsson) in the IDC 2011 report.
3. A Top-4 RouterVendor (with Cisco, Juniper & D-link) for 8 consecutive years; (Voice & Data).
4. A Top-4 Switch vendor (with Cisco, HP & Nortel) for 8 consecutive years; (Voice & Data).

With globalization, increased need for corporate connectivity and the mushrooming Internet, the need for global data & voice communication is immense.  Dax is committed to play a key role in connecting India onto the global network and will continue to add new products that will not only delight but lead the rapidly growing networking needs of the Indian customer.