Dax Timeline


We are a Technology Company.  We have many Technology Firsts to our credit which enabled Dax attain the reputation that it’s enjoying today. 

We pioneered Networking product distribution in India. During the early 90’s, we installed the first PC based Routing Solutions.  We then introduced end-to-end Cat5 Systems. We have trained thousands of engineers on Networking Technologies. By 1998, we installed India’s single largest Wide Area Network. First contribution to the Internet Revolution by Dax was India’s only Instant-on Modem.

By 2000, we had networked over 1.5 million nodes in India.  In 2001, full rate DSL Customer Premises Equipment was installed. In 2002, the single largest Voice over IP Network of more than 1500 ports was deployed. In 2003, we WiFi-enabled Dal Lake in Kashmir to become the world’s first WiFi hotspot on a lake. In 2004, we unleashed high-end carrier class Routing Switches and modular Routers enabling 100% interoperability. And, introduced seamless integration with multi-vendor proprietary core solutions thus, providing high-price performance, alternatives to users on their network expansions. In 2005, Dax became one of the Top-3 Networking Brands in India and the #3 Router brand.

  • By early 2006, we crossed 3.0 million installed Active Nodes. Though, it took 10 years to reach 1.5 million, it took just 3 years to add another million Nodes. Over 12 Million Meters of UTP cable has been installed till-date.
  • We continue adding Terminals to the largest WAN in India, the National Stock Exchange which today has close to 5,000 Nodes and growing. 
  • With over 400 Solution Providers and 2,000 trained customer engineers in India, it is not surprising that Dax is amongst the top three Networking Brands along with Cisco & D-Link.  IMRB’s independent Perception Audit rates Dax as the #3 Networking Brand in India.
  • In 2006, Dax received the coveted IDC rating, as one of the Top-5 Networking Brands in the country and still retains the same position.
  • Every year Dax adds new sites to the many existing Mission Critical Networking sites all over India.

Dax possibly has one of the finest LAN/WAN technical teams, comprising Networking Generalists, Specialists and R&D ists, since many years, this team has been troubleshooting problems in complex connectivity environments.  Networking OEM’s and VAR’s continue to benefit from Dax technical excellence.

The Dax Way: : “Use Indian IQ to create Indian IP”; best exemplifies our approach to Technology.