Dax DX -7900AP(R5)

Dax DX -7900AP(R5)

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The DX-7900AP is a series of new-generation 802.11n-based high-performance gigabit wireless access points (APs) launched by Dax Networks, Ltd. for industrial users. It provides a wireless access rate equivalent to at least six times the rate available on a conventional 802.11a/b/g network, and offers wider coverage.

The DX-7900AP uses GE ports as its uplink ports for access,which break through the limitations of FE ports and enable wireless multimedia applications to come true. While completely taking into consideration important factors, such as wireless network security, radio frequency (RF) control, mobile access, quality of service (QoS) guarantee, and seamless roaming, the DX-7900AP may be used with Dax wireless ACs to perform data forwarding, security, and access control of wireless users.

The DX-7900AP operates in a 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz band and employs technologies such as multiple- input multiple-output (MIMO) and orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM), providing a data transmission rate of at most 300 Mbps per channel and 600 Mbps per dual channels.

The DX -7900AP comes in two models: DX-7942AP and DX-7962AP, which respectively support single-band 2.4 GHz 802.11n and dual-band 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz 802.11n. Featuring flexible installation, the DX- 7900AP(R5) may be installed on the wall, desk top, or ceiling. The DX-7900AP supports both local power supply and power over Ethernet (PoE), which may be selected by customers to adapt to their onsite power environments. The DX-7900AP is a series of high- rate wireless APs preferred in various application environments for purposes such as campus WLAN access, campus coverage, and operators' hot spot coverage.

Key Features

  • High-Performance and High-Reliability Wireless Network
  • Wireless Network of Intelligent Control and Automatic Perception
  • Intelligent RF management
  • Network-wide seamless roaming
  • Intelligent load balancing mechanism of AP
  • Comprehensive support for IPv4/v6 dual-stack Networks
  • Wireless intrusion detection and intrusion defense
  • Real-time spectrum protection


Product: DX-7942AP
Price: Please call
Description: Single Band 802.11b/g/n Access point with Integrated antenna 2.4GHz, 300 Mbps, POE

Product: DX-7962AP
Price: Please call
Description: Dual Band 802.11a/b/g/n Access point with Integrated antenna 2.4/5 GHz, 600 Mbps, POE