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DX-1824U-IRW is an Internet Router with 2#10/100 WAN Ethernet ports and 3#10/100 LAN Ethernet ports and USB port. It also supports 3G USB card to access 3G network, compatible with variety of USB modems. DX-1824U-IRW delivers higher availability of Internet access control and network protection. DX-1824U-IRW supports various VPN functions such as IPSec, PPTP.

DX-1824U-IRW supports various VPN functions such as IPSec and PPTP. VPN tunnels are restricted to 5 concurrent tunnels. DX-1824U-IRW supports dynamic IP address VPN connections, site-to-site VPN, remote access VPN (client-to-site). IPSec provides features including auto key (IKE) and manual key, ESP/AH protocols, DES/3DES/ AES encryption algorithm, MD5/SHA-1 hash algorithm, main mode, aggressive mode, Anti-Replay..

DX-924UI-ARO supports bandwidth restriction/ management and allows setting priority among the application and offers perfect quality of service. DX-924UI-ARO is SNMP manageable and can be managed and controlled by any SNMP based management platform..

DX-1824U-IRW has 2 WAN ports supporting mixed connections of DSL, fiber optical and cable modem. It also supports 3G USB card to access 3G network, compatible with variety of USB modems The 2-WAN ports (2 Ethernet WAN or 1 USB and 1 Ethernet WAN ) design provides 2 Internet connections, supports load balancing and real-time backup. DX-1824U-IRW supports network flow distribution based on bandwidth ratio to optimize the bandwidth utilization. This supports policy-based routing of different ISPs.

This very unique function named Flexible Bandwidth will largely optimize the bandwidth utilization. And it only needs 2 steps: enable this function and set the bandwidth for each Internet connection.

Key Features

  • Supports connection via DSL, FTTx + LAN and Cable Modem
  • 2#10M/100M LAN ports, 3#10M/100M WAN ports
  • Support static IP, DHCP, PPPoE and 3G connection
  • Intelligent Bandwidth Management
  • Supports IPSec, PPTP VPN


Product: DX-1824U-IRW
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Description : Internet VPN Router with 2#10/100 BaseT RJ45 WAN Ethernet ports, 3#10/100 Base T LAN Ethernet ports, USB port for dongle, Web Based Management AC Power supply