IP Surveillance

Dax SMS – “An Extension of Your Existing Computer Network”.

Today, Surveillance is a fundamental requirement for every establishment. The Dax IP Surveillance Management System is a fitting solution to your organization’s needs not just as a surveillance tool but also as a significant ‘value add’ to your business.

Dax draws its rich networking proficiency from its Customer/Partner Relationships created and successes enjoyed over the last 2 decades of being a great technology company. Our diverse networking-technology know-how and practical market knowledge gives us the self-belief to provide you with solutions that best meet your requirements.

We take great pride in the successful surveillance installations that are currently & consistently serving our Customers. Be it a specialized soluions for Education vertical or multi-location, centralized surveillance & monitoring or single location premises, we have a solution for you. Based on your surveillance requirements, Dax provides solutions for:

  1. Surveillance solution for Education
  2. Multilocation surveillance solution
  3. Building-Campus Surveillance (BCS)
  4. Business Premises Surveillance(BPS)
  5. Movable Asset Surveillance(MAS) [Currently under development]

We collaborate with qualified System Integrators/Partners to execute and support these tailor-made solutions. Working closely with ‘your preferred partner’, we strive to ensure that Dax delivers successful and beneficial results for your surveillance needs.