Video Management Software (VMS)

  • Up to 64 channels in a single view
  • Up to 1000 channels per server
  • Option for channel search
  • Option for sequential tour

Alerts and events Management Server (AMS)

A unique ’must have’ software tool that manages multiple site surveillance system. Dax is the sole vendor to offer a customized alert management tool that aids in managing the surveillance system.  A single Alert Management Server handles up to 10,000 IP cameras. Various levels of reporting comprise of,

  • Filtering of various types of alerts viz.  motion detection ,SD card removal  and all in separate views
  • Filtering of alerts at specific time intervals
  • Explicit alerts & escalation for motion detection during non-office hours
  • Dashboard view and classification of ‘serious’ and ‘very serious’  alerts
  • Drill down reports with breakdown of NVR, camera  or network down time to aid root cause analysis
  • Analysis and reports of IP camera alerts available : area wise, location wise(eg: State, District/ Town)
  • Comprehensive reports of locations which have polled in video storage data in to the central storage system at any given point of time.
  • Escalation of critical events through email, system POP up or SMS.

Video Analytics

Video analytics software provides intelligent analysis of video footage. The Video analytics software installed at each location synchronizes events automatically to the central control centre.

  • Motion Detection
  • Camera Tamper detection
  • Object loss
  • Intrusion/ Line cross detection
  • Object counting
  • Foreign/Unattended object detection
  • People counting