Service & Support

Special Onsite Technical Support (SOTS) Guidelines of Dax Networks Limited

  1. The customer is entitled to avail special onsite technical support from Dax as per the Special Onsite Technical Support Guidelines laid down by Dax.
  2. The need for Special Onsite Technical Support would be mutually assessed and agreed upon between Dax and the customer (including replacement option).
  3. The customer agrees to the terms and conditions laid down in the Special Onsite Technical Support Guidelines.
  4. Dax agrees to fulfill the agreed upon deliverables of its Special Onsite Technical Support.

Pre-requisites to avail Special Onsite Technical Support from Dax

  1. The Partner must dedicate minimum one engineer with the required networking hands-on exposure / experience (say a CCNA)
  2. The customer (end-user) must dedicate one engineer (CCNA to say), who would undergo training on Dax products and would be the Single-point contact of addressing any technical support issue that may arise out of Dax products.


  1. Dax would handle installation of its products and/or trouble-shoot the reported issue that has arisen out of a particular unit / product.
  2. Dax would recommend any network changes / upgrades that need to be undertaken by the customer to address the reported issue.
  3. Dax would train the Partner engineer and Customer engineer at the customer premises on the installation and maintenance of the Dax products bought.
  4. Dax further agrees to train the Partner engineer and Customer engineer on Trouble shooting tips, general technical issues concerning the said products and ways of addressing the same.

Support Costs

  1. Technical Support (Training on Installation, Trouble shooting tips etc) would be rendered absolutely free
  2. Dax would charge an amount of Rs.5000/day of Post Sales Executive's (PSE) visit to the customer place. Half-day would be charged at Rs.3000 (when the PSE travels out of his territory)
  3. Dax would charge an amount of Rs.1500/day of PSE's visit to the customer place in the same city, while half-day would be charged at Rs.1000.

Special Project technical support for Key Partners

The Partner is entitled to forward his request to avail special hands-on training at Dax Head Office for his team of engineers in order to carry out installation of Dax products successfully at the customer site. If approved, Dax would render the said training free of cost, subject to the following:

  1. The training must be for a total Dax project, which could be a tender or corporate network
  2. The value of the Dax products involved in the project should be not less than Rs.20,00,000/-
  3. The project must be the first of its kind for the partner involved.
Sudha Jagadish
Chief Executive Officer