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Dax Certifications:

Dax offers Training and Certification on the NextGen Technology Topic: ‘Surveillance’

Today, Security and Surveillance are a prime concern to every Organization. The rapid economic growth and rising industrial activity has also created a downside; security threats, potential intrusion, risk to security installations in public places; safety of women and children, etc... This has fuelled a huge national demand for Surveillance Systems. Surveillance is a new-age Technology Topic. Knowledge and know-how in Surveillance is a “must have” skill-set, to gain a compelling edge in today’s competitive job market . Dax has designed a ‘first of its kind training course’ to provide a complete insight into Concepts, Solution Design, Installation & Commissioning, combined with Management & Monitoring of State-of-the-art ‘IP-Surveillance’ systems. .

Dax provides three levels of certifications:

1. DCISE TM – Dax Certified ‘IP-Surveillance’ Solution Expert

2. DCINE TM – Dax Certified ‘IP-Surveillance’ Network Expert

3. DCIDE TM – Dax Certified ‘IP- Surveillance’ Design Expert

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