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Fast track - Duration: 32 hours:

Regular – Duration : 60 hours:

The learner gets to know the evolution of Video surveillance system and building blocks of a surveillance system, architecture of the analog and IP camera and the differences. Learners will be able to comprehend the advantages of IP camera. The learner will study various types of IP cameras, monitoring options, Storage involved and alerting mechanism.

Before getting in to details of designing, installation and commissioning of an IP surveillance network, the learner first get to understand the concepts of networking and IP based storage including RAID systems, which are essential parameters while designing a comprehensive IP surveillance solution. The learner will explore how to choose the right camera for different applications and environment and the related storage.

The course covers detailing of Video management software including live streaming, Recording management, Electronic map, remote monitoring and Mobile streaming. The course also dwells on how Video analytics application software can help control and alert critical security breaches through Surveillance video. The course also covers audio integration with IP surveillance system and how it can be effectively used to raise alarms and improve quality process.

The course drill down to in-depth detailing of all factors to be considered in a site survey including field of view, positioning of IP camera, mounting options, Environmental factors, designing the LAN connectivity, WAN connectivity, designing Storage system, monitoring system, power and server sizing etc..

This course brings to light, the bandwidth constraints involved in typical surveillance application and the related design elements to be incorporated for optimizing the resources.

The course content on installation and commissioning covers all aspects of surveillance system including camera fixing, mounting and configuration, PTZ functions, setting up pre-sets, Tours, Image enhancement options. The course also covers setting up video monitoring server, storage, alert management, motion detection fields, integration of physicals alarms and Audio functions. Learners get a chance to practically set it up.

The course has exercises and case studies from real time applications and situations which can help the learners to comprehend and provide solutions. At the end of course the learner can be an expert in Surveillance system design, Installation, commissioning and expert.

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